PC and Laptop Repair

Virus Infection? Boot failure? Locking-up? Peripheral problems? Internet connection fault? These are just a few examples of the problems we can fix. Or perhaps you just want a PC health-check?

Arnclan offers a range of services to rectify these and other PC problems for home and business users in the South Bedfordshire area. These services include:

On-site Repair

We can visit your home or workplace to carry out diagnosis and repair.

This is the preferred option for networking and/or peripheral connectivity issues.

Depending upon the initial diagnosis our technician may advise that it is more appropriate that the machine is taken to our workshop for repair. The following are the most common reasons:

  • Some repairs need specialist equipment – our workshops are equipped with electronic test equipment, data backup and recovery facilities.
  • It is sometimes more cost effective – see ‘Workshop Repair’ for detailed explanation.

Workshop Repair

Drop your PC into our workshop (for most problems we require only the ‘base unit’) and our qualified staff will provide a free estimate for repair. 90% of workshop repairs are turned around within 48 hours.

We recommend this alternative for the following problems:

  • Virus Infection (symptoms often include difficulty accessing the internet)
  • Startup Problems
  • Locking Up, Freezing etc
  • Running Slow

These problems are usually symptomatic of a PC that needs a ‘clean up’ or ‘health-check’.

Cleaning up a PC requires us to run several diagnostic programs and utilities. Each of these typically take an hour or longer to run and some need to be run for each user login.

Whilst there is no practical reason why this cannot be done on-site it is clearly not cost effective. The same technician sat on-site for several hours monitoring the diagnostic and utility software on a single computer could be carrying out the same work on 3 or 4 computers simultaneously in our workshop.

PC Support Contract

A growing number of local companies have chosen Arnclan to provide contracted IT support. We like to be thought of as the IT department you would have if you were, perhaps, a little larger. For further information please contact us.

PC running slowly? Unable to install/run that new application? Can’t write CDs? But do you really need to buy a new PC?

It is usually possible to upgrade your existing PC for a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement system.

The possibilities are endless. We can, for example:

  • Upgrade the amount of memory (a large number of systems have been supplied in the past with bare minimum memory – increasing the memory is not expensive and can noticeably improve system performance).
  • Upgrade sound and graphics adapters (upgrade the graphics adapter to run newer games than your existing platform will allow).
  • Fitting a CD-RW will allow you to write data and audio to CD.
  • Upgrade or replace the entire base unit. (Upgrade your existing Pentium II or Pentium III to AMD Sempron 2800+ or Intel P4).

To obtain a free, no obligation, quote simply drop your PC (‘base unit’ only) into our workshop. We will check out the specification of your PC and advise on upgrade options.

Should you decide to go ahead, often upgrades are turned around on the same day.